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Do you need assistance applying for a work visa or permit? If so, then consider partnering with a qualified work visa lawyer. The Law Offices of Judith C. Garcia is based in Smithtown, NY, but can offer services to clients across the world. We’re prepared to explain how these visas work and assist you.

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Work visas and work permits are similar in function but have some notable differences. Both can help you work in the United States; the difference lies mostly in the details.  A temporary USA work visa allows foreign nationals to enter the US to conduct business and comes in many different types. A work permit is a document that is used to describe what the government calls an Employment Authorization Document (EAD), allows you to work for any employer, and is generally given to individuals intending to stay in the United States permanently.

Once you submit an application for asylum or a green card, it will start the formal immigration process, during which the government will review your application to determine if you qualify for permanent residence. A work permit is issued by the government as an interim document, allowing you to stay in the USA while you apply for other statuses. If you need assistance obtaining a work visa or permit—or determining which one is right for your situation—then consider contacting a qualified lawyer.

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At the Law Offices of Judith C. Garcia, we are prepared to assist with your legal needs. We understand that the immigration process can be intimidating; as such, we can assist with every aspect. Work with a qualified attorney to get assistance applying for a work visa or permit. If you need help with employment-based immigration, then consider contacting our firm today. We are based in Smithtown, NY, but can serve clients across the globe.

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