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Partner with a qualified real estate attorney in the Smithtown, NY area. Our attorneys at the Law Offices of Judith C. Garcia are here to help with a range of real estate legal concerns. We care deeply about our clients and work diligently to make sure each individual has solid representation. Trust us to look over contracts, represent you in litigation, and provide you with other legal services.

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There are a range of potential legal concerns regarding real estate law. Perhaps you need assistance drafting a contract that protects your rights as a seller. Or, maybe you’re facing a real estate dispute and need a lawyer who can help with litigation. Regardless of the need, our attorneys at the Law Offices of Judith C. Garcia can help. We have extensive knowledge of real estate law and a background in real estate. This, in turn, has provided us with the knowledge necessary to guide our clients. We can assist buyers, sellers, mortgage providers, and more. Our attorneys will work with you to make sure that your best interests are represented.

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Work with a real estate attorney from our firm and make navigating the complicated field of real estate law easier. We have over 25 years of legal experience and a commitment to providing reliable service. Each client will receive personalized attention and service that is tailored to their unique needs. If you’re near Smithtown, NY, then consider calling us for more information. We’re ready to assist with your real estate needs today.


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We can assist with many different aspects of real estate law.

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